Retired Navy SEAL and former female DIA “intelligence professional” reveal situational awareness training to
bridge the gap between reality and the self-defense
training you’ve already got.

Oversimplified awareness color codes and soundbite advice about “listening to your gut” sound great in a classroom and get heads nodding, but just don’t cut it in the real world.

Color codes and “listening to your gut” is great advice for soldiers who are out on patrol for the 99th time and have the previous 98 experiences to draw on.

But that kind of general situational awareness advice simply doesn’t work for civilians going about their daily life or even soldiers who have transitioned back to life in the US outside of a warzone.

Go into any martial arts school, take any self defense program, or attend any concealed carry class and you’ll hear how the martial skills you’ll learn are important, but that the true key to personal safety is situational awareness.

live-course-300x210Unfortunately, situational awareness isn’t taught in 99.9% of self defense studios or firearms classes.

They can teach you what to do if your situational awareness skills fail, but not how to detect and avoid trouble in the first place.

Oh, sure, they’ll say things like, “look out for bad guys”, “listen to your gut”, “avoid dangerous places”, and “watch your 6”. None of those are wrong, but they aren’t really situational awareness.

They might even talk about being a sheepdog or staying in “condition yellow” instead of “condition white” without having a workable definition of “condition yellow” or a blueprint for how to achieve it.

It creates a situation where situational awareness takes away from everything else in your life. Where you can’t be engaged in a conversation in public because you’re obsessed trying to keep track of what everyone in the room is doing.

Situational awareness done right is completely different.

It happens in the background…in the subconscious mind, allowing you to be safe, aware, AND enjoy everything that’s going on around you.

The mind is designed to constantly passively scan it’s environment for threats. It has threat profiles programmed in—some since birth, others from past experiences, and still others from things you’ve learned.

Potential threats like fire, deep water, sharp pointy things, predators, deadly falls, etc.

You don’t consciously walk around all day looking at every object you get near and decide whether or not it will burn, poke, or cut youyour subconscious mind does it all passively in the background.

And, when your mind sees something that matches a threat profile, you suddenly become aware of it consciously.

Simple, automatic, predictable. Just how situational awareness is supposed to be.

Think about driving.

driving-fastYou’re operating a deadly instrument at high speed in an environment where threats can come at you from 360 degrees.

At first, you’re overwhelmed with what’s going on.

You don’t know what real threats are, so A LOT of things seem like a threat.

You hit the brakes too hard, over-correct steering and basically, drive like a teenager.

As you get more experience, your mind figures out what real threats are, your threat profiles become more accurate, and you’re able to drive safer and faster while being more relaxed.

Sometimes, when things are particularly hairy, you slow down and pay attention to every little detail.

But, for the most part, you calmly, unconsciously, and continually scan your environment for potential threats.

The problem with situational awareness is that most people haven’t correctly programmed their subconscious mind with high quality threat profiles. They’re acting like a teenage driver and over-reacting to lots of things that aren’t really a problem. And they never get to the point where they can be both aware AND relaxed.

"It's obvious... Once you know what you're looking for"

As a hunter, I remember the first time someone told me to “look for deer tracks, scat, and other sign.”

That was great, but I missed all but the most obvious signs. I didn’t know what to look for.

tracksIt wasn’t until someone took the time to teach me how to read tracks & scat and what other signs looked like (like broken branches, rubs, scents, scratches, etc.) that I was able to “see” them and what they were doing.

The signs were there the whole time. My mind just didn’t know that they were important until I programmed in the profile and my subconscious mind knew what to look for.

Once I knew what I was looking for, it was obvious. I could read my environment like the deer had left me notes with a big marker.

But with situational awareness, the triggers for “possible threats” are too general to be effective.

The more general threat profile you give it, the more general (and low quality) feedback it will provide.

“Look for bad guys”, “Look for concealed weapons”, and “Listen to your gut” are examples of general, low quality threat profiles.

Those are the equivalent of telling a new kid driver to “look out for bad drivers” without telling them what actions to look for to signal that someone’s a bad driver.

And, with the hunting example, it’s like telling your brain to “look for tracks and sign” rather than telling it exactly what threat profile to look for.

Looking for people with knives and guns is an example of a general, low quality threat profile. I’m one of 12+ million people in the US who legally carry knives and guns and I’m completely harmless to anyone who’s not threatening me or my family.

These false positives act like an immunization—every time you identify a potential threat that ends up being harmless, you desensitize yourself and make it less likely that you’ll spot future threats.

The key is giving the mind HIGH QUALITY THREAT PROFILES to look for.

And that’s exactly what the Avoid, Deter, Defend Situational Awareness course will do…

It’ll give you a simple, proven, process for quickly and accurately scanning and categorizing everyone in your environment at a subconscious level.

Your unconscious mind is an amazing machine, but it’s kind of like a computer and it operates on a Garbage-In-Garbage-Out principal.

Give it general, low quality threat profiles to look out for, and it will miss threats and give you a lot of random false alarms.

But, with the Avoid, Deter, Defend threat classification system, your mind will have specific queues to passively scan for as you go about your day.

And high quality threat profiles means more awareness, more peace of mind, and a safer you.

If it sounds familiar, that’s because we talked about some of this in the Real World Safety SEAL Threat Detection course…the situational course that we created to help protect non-tactical loved ones.

And even though I watched it with my 5 & 8 year olds and it’s mandatory curriculum for middle schoolers in multiple school districts, it’s also proven incredibly effective for tactically minded people of all ability and experience levels.

Avoid, Deter, Defend is the next level of situational awareness training. It’s designed to stand on it’s own or as a next step for people who have completed the Real World Safety SEAL Threat Detection training.

It combines...

  • Advanced—yet simple--techniques for programming threat profiles and threat indicators into your subconscious mind.
  • Defensive flashlight techniques that teach you how to correctly use your flashlight as a defensive tool…not simply an accessory to other defensive tools you may carry.
  • Effective self defense tools that are legal in “gun free” schools, hospitals, and churches as well as in every city and country in the world that are more effective than a Taser, stun gun, pepper spray, or mace.
  • How to program your body with conditioned responses to react immediately and without conscious thought to threats, shaving valuable seconds off of your response time
  • Immediate action drills that will put any attacker on the defensive and put you in a position where you can effectively use your current martial arts, knife fighting, or concealed carry skills to stop the threat long enough to escape to safety
  • How to interact with 911 after an incident to maximize law enforcement’s effectiveness, speed up response time, increase your safety, and reduce your potential liability.
  • Specific cab and hotel considerations while traveling that will make you and your loved ones safer, more relaxed, and less vulnerable to express kidnappings.

If you’re a fast mover like me, you just want to know the cost, what you’re going to get, and how to take action. Here’s the scoop…

When you tell us where to send it, we’ll rush you the course on 2 high quality, mastered DVDs that are guaranteed to work in any DVD or Blu-ray player PLUS you’ll get immediate, full access to the online version of the course (and several bonuses) so that you can literally start going through the course in the next 5 minutes!

One of the things I mentioned was that you’ll learn how to use a defensive flashlight AS a weapon rather than simply an accessory to a weapon. The more time you spend in “gun free” and “weapon free” environments, the bigger of a deal this becomes.

Here’s a question for you…

What’s the one defensive tool that
you can carry 
in every city, state,
and country in the world, 
commercial planes,
boats, and trains?


The one tool that you can pull out and use as a tool without causing problems? 

Answer: The defensive flashlight.

You can pull it out to use it to find a dropped pen on an airplane or in a restaurant, to find your way to your car on a dark and stormy night, disorient an attacker with the beam, or use it to fracture their eye socket if they stay stupid and continue attacking you.

The defensive flashlight is harmless and an awesome tool, until someone shows their intent to harm you. Then it changes gears like a momma bear who’s cubs are threatened. In fact, it’s the perfect defensive tool for anyone who’s got a little “momma bear” blood running in their veins.

flashlight-in-eyesOne of the things that’s so great about defensive flashlights is that you can have a defensive flashlight in your hand, out of your pocket and ready for immediate utility or defensive use—that’s something you can’t do with a knife, gun, stun gun, or pepper spray without causing problems.

And, if you’ve got a potential threat 25 yards away in a dark parking lot, you aren’t justified pulling out a gun and shooting a warning shot. And they’re too far away for a knife, pepper spray, or Taser, but you can flash a pocket sized 200-500 lumen defensive flashlight at them to determine their intent and quickly convince them that you’re not an easy target.

And, if they weren’t a threat in the first place? No harm, no foul.

“What else will I learn in Avoid, Deter, Defend?”

I should start by saying that it’s a 2 DVD course with 6 modules. It’s designed specifically for civilians…mainly because of the different rules of engagement that law enforcement and military personnel have.

Military personnel get to take the fight to the enemy.

Law enforcement has a duty to protect, and sometimes that means pursuing.

Civilians simply need to get to safety. Pursuing someone who WAS a threat but is no longer a threat can get you into serious trouble. This training won’t teach you or your loved ones how to ride in and save the day like Wyatt Earp. It’ll teach you how to disengage from threats and get yourself to safety ASAP.

That brings up an important point…a lot of “special operations” training that’s available on the market is designed by special operations personnel for special operations personnel. It may be fun stuff to read about, learn, and know those techniques, but a lot of them could cause serious legal problems for a citizen defender or even for law enforcement.

This training is specifically designed for the civilian defender who’s not looking for a fight, but who will do whatever they need to end one on their terms if left with no other option.

Beyond that, here’s some of the specifics of what you’ll learn:

  • Systematic system for engaging situational awareness.
  • Defensive tools and tactics that are vital for integrating the fight, pre-fight, and the post-fight.
  • How to lay down neural pathways to identify and respond to threats subconsciously and automatically… like looking both ways before you cross the street.
  • 24/7, 360 degree, subconscious threat assessment.
  • The 4 word response for WOMEN to use with potential threats that’s likely to stop most of them in their tracks.
  • The 6 word response for MEN to use with potential threats that’s likely to stop most of them in their tracks (2 extra words helps calm the egos of male sociopathic attackers).
  • The 9 word phrase that will either cause potential threats to turn and run or almost guarantee that they’re a serious violent threat. In addition, this phrase could help limit future liability in court.
  • How to incorporate the flashlight as an observation/identification aid, disorienting tool, and impact tool.
  • How to reprogram your mind to respond to surprise threats with constructive startle responses instead of ineffective startle flinches. Startle flinch does nothing to stop a barrage and get you on the offensive, but a correct startle response will put you in a position where you can effectively fight back.
  • How to know, without a doubt, if someone has ill intent focused towards you.
  • Simple 6 step process for doing a 911 call correctly. Almost EVERYONE gets this wrong.
  • 4 steps of action are the connector between pre-fight aspects of situational awareness and the fight aspect of every other self-defense system. By programming a strong neural pathway on the 4 steps of action, you’ll be able to respond immediately to a threat.

True situational awareness gives
you peace of mind.

When you have the ability to instantly, accurately, and unconsciously evaluate your environment and rank the threat level, you’ll experience an earned calm that escapes all but the most highly trained operators.

The Avoid, Deter, Defend training takes advantage of the fact that the unconscious mind is constantly working in the background to keep you safe.

The unconscious mind takes care of digestion, balance, respiration, pumping blood, and releasing various chemicals into the blood and brain. It can also take care of situational awareness, but almost nobody teaches situational awareness in a way that takes advantage of the power of the unconscious mind.

Here’s why this is important…

The conscious mind sees and at about 2 frames per second. That’s  S  L  O  W. Fortunately, the unconscious mind sees at around 20 frames per second. That’s 10x as fast!

It gets better…

infographic_vps02bDepending on the study, brain scientists tell us that our conscious mind processes 40-126 chunks of information per second.

Our unconscious mind, on the other hand, is processing upwards of 12 MILLION chunks of information per second.

If you’re consciously trying to continually evaluate your environment for threats in addition to actually engaging in conversation with other people, the conscious mind just doesn’t have the bandwidth to do both well and it puts a considerable amount of stress on the mind.

But IF YOU GIVE THE MIND THE TOOLS IT NEEDS to unconsciously identify and rank dangers and threats--like the ones you're about to learn--it can work in the background while your conscious mind is fully engaged with people around you.

The end result is the holy grail of situational know more of what's going on around you, you're more relaxed, and you're more fun to be around.

When your mind is trained to continually, automatically, and accurately evaluate the risk level in your environment, you quickly learn to relax when there is no threat and relocate when there is a threat.

You'll pick up on what your body/unconscious mind is trying to tell you more readily because you'll have a language and a sensitivity to people and environments.  With practice, you will be focused when necessary, relaxed when allowed.

Right now, you’re aware of the need for this training…both for you and for those you love.

All that’s left is to take constructive action as a result of that awareness.

And the best way to do that is to get the course today.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Take a full 60 days to go through the 4 sessions and practice the techniques. If for any reason you’re not 100% delighted – if you don´t agree that you and your loved ones will be able to use what you learn to identify and avoid threats…

Simply send the DVDs back and you’ll get a rapid, no hassle, 100% refund.

So, here’s EXACTLY what you’re going to get…

Today Only $47

  • 2 DVDs Shipped directly to your door complete with 6 jam-packed modules all designed to keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • Psychology and physiology of extreme stress. Why your body responds the way that it does, how to use it to your advantage.
  • Human and environmental threat identification.
  • In-depth Flashlight training and drills that ensure you are able to defend yourself even when you can't carry your firearm.
  • It’s all backed by a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee!
  • And much MUCH more!

And, if you act now, we’ve got a
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  • Bonus #1: SEALed Mindset video review of some of the best tools for at-home dry fire practice. (Sealed Mindset teaches 100+ dry fire classes per month and they've tested almost everything)
  • Bonus #2: Sealed Mindset guidelines for developing effective dry fire practice routines
  • Bonus #3: Sealed Mindset instructor system for diagnosing shooting errors and progress with a SIRT or other laser training pistol/insert
  • Bonus #4: Sealed Mindset cold weather specific carry techniques (They live in Minnesota)
  • Bonus #5: Sealed Mindset guide to identifying and eliminating the most common problem in shooting…the dreaded flinch
  • Bonus #6: Sealed Mindset Never Unarmed Empty Hands Combattives mini-course & sneak peak at Concealed Carry Masters Course

You’ll get the DVD training immediately shipped directly to your door.

It’s really a no-brainer…so go ahead and take action
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Here’s to your safety,

Ox for Retired US Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch

P.S. Learning this stuff can literally mean the difference between life and death. That’s why I want you to take this entire video series for a spin -without any risk or financial obligation.

Larry personally used and refined this material as a US Navy SEAL to stay alive during extended solo and 2 man operations in cities in hostile countries and it’s been put to use by thousands of law enforcement and civilians in the US.

In other words, it has been weighed, measured, and found effective…both overseas by super elite operators with hostile governments and terrorists actively trying to kill them as well as in the US by everyday husbands, wives, and kids just trying to live their lives and avoid punks and turds.

Select your training program now.